Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If this is how shutter crazy we are about a new kitten, I shudder to think what an exploited child I'll have.
He's a terrible cuddle bug with both of us, preferring to climb up on your shoulders when he's not knackered.

I'm trying to impart my craftiness on the little one at a young age. Knitting around him has been difficult.

Big catbrother, Pierce, has been hot and cold. This was a rare moment of shared grooming, because it's hard to catch this kitten.

When 90% of the pictures we try to take end up like this.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fifty Projects* in 365 Days (Final Count: 27)**

*Let's be honest here, it's an adorable idea that I would be able to jot down fifty projects that I would be as interested in making today as I would over the next year. Realistically I'll lose interest after I start one project and move down the list as I see fit. Or jump to an idea not listed below. Also I'm not interested in fluffing up the list after I get however many written down just so I can have fifty.
Instead we'll play one of my favorite games; 'Make a List! Then Change it Periodically to Make it Look Like you Accomplished Things!' It's one you can't lose and everyone is a winner. First round with start with categories then subcategories then sub-wishful thinkings.

Projects I Have Supplies for and Should Complete
- "Panelled Effect Lady's Jumper" from A Stitch in Time, 1920-1949 Vol. 1
- "Ehva" mittens by Kamilla Svanlund
- "Liesl" tunic by Julie Wesisenberger
- "Fawn Poncho" by Tiny Owl Knits
- "Bob Dibbs Vest" from DomiKNITrix
- "Pinwheel Blanket" by Genia Planck

- Susie's Quilt
- Kitchen Drapery

Ideas to Use Up Stash Wool and Fabric
- "Carnaby Skirt" by Nikol Lohr
- "Diagonal Rib Cardigan" from A Stitch in Time
- "Manu" cardigan by Kate Davies
- "Doily with Spiral" by Verlag Otto Beyer Design Team
- "Still Light Tunic" by Veera Valimaki
- "Faverolle" sweater by Cirilia Rose
-"Petrie" top by Beautia Dew
- "From Norway with Love" hat by Pickles
- "November10" top by Fallmasche
-  "Lanesplitter" skirt by Tina Whitemore
- "Ida's Kitchen" hat by Kirsten Kapur
- "Braided Rag Rug" from Moda Bake Shop
- "Mendocino Sundress" by Heather Ross
- "Off the Grid" Nine Patch Quilt from Moda Bake Shop
- Multiple Bagskets from Foofangle
- "Back to School" bag from Sew4home
- "Zipup Earbuds" by LauPre
- "Eazy Peezy Lemon Squeezy Wallet" from The Rubber Punkin
- "Fabric Scrap Basket" from The Sometimes Crafter

**Crafter is exempt from doing anything she loses interest in and may create something totally different as a result. Side effects are fairly immediate, crippling boredom is expected sometime during the middle of the project but will end with incredible satisfaction.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

A short note to wish everyone a lovely holiday.
The lovely Scottish Fir named Magnus. 
My favorite ornament, made out of a photobooth picture. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catmas Sweater

Looks like someone is getting ready for the holidays.