Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hats off to you January Part 1

It's only the middle of the month and I've made fair progress in a month of just hats- and not much else. Just so happens my brother needs a manly birthday hat. The "Groovy Cabled Toque" fit the bill for it's honeycomb-like cables and all around classiness. It's composed of Plymouth Galway, a rustic yarn with lots of warmth and with using much less then a skein.

From dianadorable

Also I needed to indulge in my love of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and with vivid colors in this dreary month. Post holiday I can get a little glum with all the completed projects given away, so I try to take a little time to focus on myself. No worries, this only lasts a moment before I find more chilly appendenges to warm up.
The topaz color reminded me of marigolds, so I went with a lace repeat I found in a book of stitch patterns. The green yarn is citric and warranted a revisit to "Foliage" from Knitty, a pattern I first did in September '07 with another silk blend.

From dianadorable

From dianadorable

I've also been commissioned to make (3!) Quincy hats which are slow going, interesting considering those are bulky yarned beasts.
Hats are a fantastic way to play with new patterns as well as interesting constructions. I've had a wonderful time this Christmas figuring out both the Quincy pattern as well as the Sideways Grande Cloche. Considering the amounts of hats I've made in the last several years you'd think I'd be swimming in them but as a soon as someone mentions they like it I more or less give it away without much thought. Several days ago I heard from a friend I've lost touch with and she still wears the hat I gave her on a whim two Thanksgivings ago. It leaves a warm feeling in my soul.
There's still one more color of Manos to use up and I've already started a simple 1x1 rib beanie that will be simply gorgeous once finished. It's the perfect sort of public transit knitting, mindless and simple on the hands.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Project (bedside) Table

From dianadorable
"Baby Cables and; Big Ones Too" sweater by Suvi Simola
"Embossed Leaves" socks by Mona Schmidt
"Moderne Blanket" by Mason Dixon Knitters

From dianadorable

From dianadorable
Flower Pins.

Friday, January 1, 2010


From Nikon
Blondes have ever so much fun.