Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

A short note to wish everyone a lovely holiday.
The lovely Scottish Fir named Magnus. 
My favorite ornament, made out of a photobooth picture. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catmas Sweater

Looks like someone is getting ready for the holidays.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Orphans Thanksgiving

This was the first Thanksgiving I took over the burden of cooking the holiday dinner. It was only for myself and AM, but I wanted to ensure a day or two of leftovers while I was at it. What's Thanksgiving without leftovers? Another day of fake turkey and mashed potatoes. The menu consisted of Quorn Turk'y Roast, Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy, Pumpkin and Percorino Gratin, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean & Asparagus Casserole, Biscuits, Sweet Potato Pie, and Pecan Praline Crunch ice cream.

And paper headdresses.

Pierce joined in on the fun and even enjoyed a bit of fake turkey.

And to bring the class down a notch, Black Monday involved more tiki drinks and dancing. This pose is 'Dear Straw, Put the fruity booze in my mouth'.

The abbreviated week still reeked havoc on my sleepy system, along with the forty degree drop in the weather. Winter came late in Chicago, but it came with a party hat on. One with earflaps and a wooly lining.
I've got my woolens all sorted out for Xmas, mine is going to be an orphan one as well. I just hope I can finish the list beforehand. Little bits and pieces are done and it's not yet December. Once I get my motivation back it should be easy as pie. I just need a bit of a nap first.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Runway Cat

Sometimes I feel like I'm only holding him back. He's made for sharing.
It's difficult to take a picture when he's busy shaking his tush on the catwalk so bear with me.
I went to Petsmart the other day and found a discarded bit of clothing for a small dog. (Well possibly a smallish medium sized one, Pierce is a plus sized model) It was on a sale and I eagerly rushed home in order to present this piece of fabric to my boyfriend awaiting his question "What is that?"
So I could scream out "IT'S THE CAT'S PAJAMAS!"

Sorry I made you read through all that, it's been a bit of a week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

May-December Romance

Luckily my gran doesn't have the desire to figure out computers, let alone blogs, so I can post this.
Although I know for a fact she'd laugh about this entry.
Looking through my photos, that I have neglected to post, I noticed a fantastic themed montage to share.

Shirles & I, I adore her and she looks distracted.

Maybe by my boyfriend, whom she's been dying to hug since the moment they met. He quite likes her despite the grimace.

Or, only a stones throw away, the irish step dancer. The smile in this photo is that of genuine happiness.

My cherished photo of us pales in comparison to the joy of snuggling with this boy Riverdance. Don't get me wrong, I adore the found slideshow. I can only hope at her age I will still be pinching the butts of younger men. Figuratively I believe. I wasn't watching her all that closely but I wouldn't put it past her. Love you Shirles.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Booooo Hoo

October flew by and good weather throughout the Midwest led to rioting in the streets. People walking to and fro, wearing summery clothes and chanting things like 'What good weather we're having' and 'Funny, I don't even need my coat'.
It was chaos.
The week before my annual B.Y.O. Pumpkin Carving party we set out for our gourdy favorites, it was an unseasonable 80 degrees. I rolled up my pant legs, threw ice cubes in my coffee, and avoided the smokey kettle corn tent to hunt for a warty pumpkin to call my own. We weren't disappointed by the selection at Goebberts of cardboard cutouts to pose with nor the seed filled orbs piled around the acreage.

We bought the farm. Or damn well close to it. If my arms are any gauge for it, the haul must have been close to thirty pounds. Navigating the dodgy cart through the expansive parking lot was a feat and this man was not going to allow any blood spilt. The apple cider made it to the car and was partially consumed on the ride home in autumnal spirit.

Normally I'm an albino pumpkin carver, but I saw this lonely medium sized 'kin in a bin of neglected odd bits I brought it home thinking I'd be able to make a wicked witch. My inexperience with this sort of gourd and tool set made with a five year old in mind was unable to complete the task I had set for it. When I was that age I'm sure I would have fun a way to poke an eye out with the generic set of tools only meant for bending and breaking.

That Star Trek logo is his mouth, completely unintentional. Even Pierce got in on the fun, wearing an adorable skull hoodie from Susie and sniffing around the pumpkin guts before settling in so we could admire his new duds.

He was happy. I swear. Don't call animal cruelty, he's got a good thing going here besides the occasional dress up.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sheeps & Bunnies, Bunnies & Sheeps

This is the story of how we went to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last month, mostly just so Andrew could pet a  large amount of sheep. From Chicago it was a long ride but armed with an iPod and promises of cuddly sheep we set off, my mind calculating what yarn I'd buy first.
After a loop around the sheds that contained glorious amounts of wool and assorted business, we saw the Angora bunnies and nearly made off with one. It wasn't for lack of love, but the lack of a habitat that would be the rabbit paradise I envision.

Then as a reward for letting me stroll through all the yarn twice, we went to Cracker Barrel. It was his first time, so I made sure we ordered everything. And then some.
Pierce got his own little reward, a pink fuzzy catnip filled toy sold to me by a preteen that seemed unused to selling to two tattooed cityfolk. It was impossible to get the cat to sit still during the snap, he was enamoured until he ripped open its belly approximately four minutes after I gave it to him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of Summer

I made it to one Cubs game; which included one bag of peanuts, two beers (one leaky), and yet no nachos in a tiny baseball helmet. 
From dianadorable

After getting dressed and on the walk to Wrigley I determined I looked more like I was on my way to a pumpkin patch rather than a sporting event. I like to think I bring a bit of class to the sport, because it was an absolute slaughter, Mets won 18-5. Observe the seats being emptied by the top of the 8th. 
From dianadorable

In August a girl at work and I started organic produce box from New Leaf, up in Rogers Park. Every Saturday we get a small box of assorted veg and fruits that are quite gorgeous. Rainbow Chard and Collards have been a welcome surprise, along with Equadorian bananas, gala melons, and red grapefruits. I've still a pile of apples that seems to be multiplying in the back of the fridge. My floral centerpieces still arranged fantastically by AM. 
From dianadorable

Last week I started the Pink Pomatomus socks, by Cookie A. besides the fun color changes it's a complicated bit of knitting that requires my full attention which is hard to do when watching your beau play Zelda Twilight Princess on your Wii.

From dianadorable

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knitting what?

There has been knitting happening, although I've failed to document it.
One of the current projects I am learning to do is Norwegian mittens ala Indil by Eeva Saviranta which is a challenge because it's all in Finnish. But Jessica Tromp has a lovely learning curve website to help me out. So I'll let you know as it happens. 
From dianadorable

In the meantime I've been working on 'Split Personality' a shrug by Amanda Ziegler in Isager Strik Alpaca 2. Not in love with the color, the dark patches amidst the peach just make it look dirty. So I've got a dyer in mind I met at my tattoo parlor to help me out.
And then there were some lovely hats. As usual. Two 'Ripley's' from Ysolda, done quickly and without much derision. The only advice I have for this is try on the cap after the cast on, it can be quite tight. 
From dianadorable
From dianadorable

Then there was naught. This summer has been a slow knit time, too much going on to contribute to the blog. Not much sewing done either. I blame work and a boy. One I'm teaching to knit, but has a lovely brain that makes him forge ahead, no matter my dire consequences advice.
Cha cha cha. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


July ended with my 26th birthday at Ten Cat Tavern. There were cupcakes and laughs and poorly-executed pool games and whiskey shots. Some of the people who mean the most in my life stopped by, including the tamale guy.
From dianadorable
A lovely birthday present from artist boy wonder, Andrew Malvenda. Now I have a business card to be proud of, Chewbacca would agree. Funny story behind this; ABW sneakily asked me many, many seemingly unrelated questions over a period of weeks then presented me with this. Only one answer he ignored, when asking for my dream client I responded James Joyce. He obviously went a different route, wookie style.  

From dianadorable
I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in the suburbs with family. Went home with some delicious tomatoes from Aunt Joyce and Uncle Riches' garden. On August 19th was my lovely gran, Shirles' birthday. Seen here with a dog of massive hair. I didn't notice till I after I posted that she had brought along a water bottle full of red wine for the outing. At the time I was too distracted by her sending my teenage cousin for ice cubes every so often.

From dianadorable
One night I recreated Susie's flourescent delicious baked spaghetti when I was craving brown sugar and ketchup. This is not a good representation of her culinary skills, it is one of Midwestern family casserole options. I have more recipes of this ilk, including a cauliflower and broccoli mix with crumbled Cheez-It's on top.

From dianadorable
A ballsy bit of yarn made my day, bought before Chicago's first Yarn Crawl. I've yet to plan out a project, but I've enjoyed having this outrageous color around. There's a special something waiting out there in the interwebs but I have yet to find it.

From dianadorable
Pierce continues to be adorable. And to sleep comfortably despite the unseasonable heat. Those are the paws of a killer cutie. 

From dianadorable
Amateur late night flower arranging, bought from Dominicks and borrowed from neighborhood gardens. The sunflower was a sidewalk crack find that I've been eyeing for some time. I've been able to save the hydrangeas, the dried out nicely.

From dianadorable
A faux tattoo on the neck makes me realize how thin my neck can look when an ugly bulldog is on it. My hair is getting long and my smile just as goofy as it was when I was 21. Some things will never change. 

From dianadorable

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cubbies & Bears

I am absolutely in love with where I live. It's a neighborhood on the Northside of Chicago, nestled between Lincoln Square and Logan Square. There's a lot of personality, furthered by the bevy of small business owners, two of which I do work for.
Grizzly's Lounge was owned by one of these such people; sold odd meats like alligator before closing at some point about two years ago. Several times a week I've walked by this abandoned restaurant with an equal amount of regret and wonder. The entire outside of this corner spot has queer murals outside that I assume only excited the patrons who visited.

From dianadorable
Look at these amazing bears, both terrifying and completely out of place in the urban atmos. "Dining Adventure with Northwoods Flair"

From dianadorable
Only half a block away there's an antique store called Old Saus Resale, owned by an Asian woman named Lee who seems to have a hoarder issue. This clever woman raided Grizzly's and when I went to visit her I found this gem. For under $100 and about twenty minutes of chat I brought it home. The frame is oak, the chalkboard double-sided, and the last specials still written upon it. It's no less then forty pounds, the three block walk home and four flights of stairs tested my triceps.

From dianadorable
I feel like I've got a little piece of my neighborhood to always carry with me, although it causes sore arms when brought about. A mix of art and nostalgia, currently propped up against my wall until I find a home with walls strong enough to hold it. Furry Monster added for reference size. Seems to be growing out his lion cut too fast, there's much more heat and humidity to come in Chicago.

From dianadorable
Not even the furry possum can get his attention. This is my favorite Pierce pose, the one that slayed me so much I brought him home seven years ago this July. I'll celebrate his birthday tomorrow with my own, with a mini cuddle fest before work.
From dianadorable

Thursday, July 22, 2010


From dianadorable
Black Bear Combo at Xippo

From dianadorable
Pool at Tencat

From dianadorable
Birthday at Mr. Browns

From dianadorable
Out at LoKal

From dianadorable
Late Night at Susies

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shout Out From S. Korea

In the latter part of my college years I met my friend Timothy. We were maybe in two classes together before I interjected myself into his life and made him stop dying his hair black. (Seriously, Timmo) For the last couple years he has been fartin' around in South Korea, teaching English to kids and; for the most part, staying out of trouble.
Last summer I had the chance to spend time with him when he finished his first tour, then Tim hid in a hole in Milwaukee till he abruptly left again. Despite all this, we've managed more email contact then ever and my bestie even sent me a package that I received yesterday.
I believe it speaks for itself, but was prefaced by this in an email: "I've been talking about it for two years but on Saturday I finally did send you something in the mail. Nothing spectacular, but assuredly things."

From dianadorable
 I adore you more than anyone, Timmo. Every bit is pure gold. You have brightened up my blogosphere.
Just in case you were curious about my favorite call girls...

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Don't Not Love You

Listen blog, I forget about you sometimes. Mostly because no one reads you. And my life looks like this 90% of the time. Let's be honest here. 
From dianadorable

Sometimes I make little things when I can find the time and have the need to. Like this shear case that was made on a whim without my shears present. One of those shears cost almost $500 and yet I make a $4 case because it looks pretty on my station. 
From dianadorable

This weekend my favorite couple is getting married, I don't say favorite lightly. These kids are mad adorable, they make my heart hurt. So, instead of devoting time to make a present for them I decided a dress was in order for one of the greatest parties of 2010. I'm pretty much here at this point. 
From dianadorable

Then for the reception I offered to make cupcakes. There's that to handle as well. This sounds like me, all over.
Can I tell you we went to Millenium Park for She & Him and it was mass overload of people. 
From dianadorable

And I'm convinced 97% (myself included) were there just to enjoy the midwest decent weather and picnic atmosphere.