Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No, You're Mistaken

I cannot be the only person who, when encountering a knitting issue, automatically assume it's the patterns fault.
Off I go searching for errata and possibly even feeling a little cocky once it seems no one else has noticed the mistake. So odd that I'd be the only person who has noticed! It does not matter that it's 3am when I get to the heel and find out I'm missing stitches. Or that my nerves are a bit off considering the oral surgery I'm undergoing in about twelve hours. Or that I have scheduled several haircuts before the surgery when I was well aware I'd be unable to drink the coffee needed to get through the morning. Obviously it's the pattern, such a silly and wrong pattern. Wait, what's that weird bulge in the lacey bit?

From dianadorable
My version of the 'Dublin Bay' socks are continuing as written after a little nip and tuck. Luckily, I only lost an inch which looks like a frightening amount of yarn when ripped from the unassuming sock. I'll be able to make up most of it on the train ride to work. They're being knit in the '07' Mariam colorway from the previous post and I've rechristened them the Culchie Socks, in deference to the Jackeens in Dublin.
It sounds ridiculous but I do remember where I was when the mistake happened. At that moment a pumpkin tinged variation happened and I was so distracted by this- coupled with the night out I was returning from on the boisterous red 'el'- that I double decreased. 'Lo and behold the two stitches that magically disappeared while I was scrambling about with the iPod and protesting to not have any change to spare on a Sunday at midnight.
Depending on how the healing process goes down, I've got both major projects on the table. Once the cardigan is finished, I'll be jumping headfirst into the next garment 'Panelled Effect Lady's Jumper'. 

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Edit Post Surgery... Well, fuck a duck. I'm definitely not leaving the house today with these chipmunk cheeks and awesomely swollen lips. I'm staying in, eating my pudding, and finishing these socks- Vicodin or no. I will admit to feeling too loopy to pick up 200+ stitches to the cardigan for the hem/button band. Also no rotary cutting, quilt sewing, hog-tying, or kitty wrestling. It's hard for me to sit on my hands and ride this one out.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lone Bunny

From dianadorable
Another ball of colorful Misti Alpaca in '07' Mariam with some buttons and chocolate thrown in, makes me a cheery bunny.

Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hastily Made Outline Post

  • I've spent some time on Ravelry lately ordering up a realistic queue of future projects. as well as taking updated pictures of knits I still own that look a hell of a lot better on my new D-SLR camera.
  • Ebay has been a bit of a treasure trove lately. Not only was I able to secure a postcard from the 1920s for pennies to use for my next tattoo but also oatmeal colored Jaeger Matchmaker 4-ply (discontinued) for a pattern in "A Stitch in Time." Lovely dk, merino wool.
    From dianadorable
  • Note: A bag full of wool received on a 70 degree day in March is a moment you have when you remember there is such a thing as seasonal knitting disorder. Must remember the 9 balls cost me $20 opposed to $60. 
  • I've realized my self tanner has been rubbing off on anything light I've been touching so once again I've moved onto darker hues and machine washable projects. I'm 25, Irish and Polish and using self tanner, do not judge.
Remember that project I mentioned, the one I brought to Ireland to impress my gran? Which I then learned she never worked from patterns or used yarn under a worsted weight and sortof had distain for? Well, I'm at the halfway point (2') and the double cabling is impressively gorgeous. It's Blue Sky Alpaca's Olga Buraya-Kefelian 'Cable Cowl' by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I fear the color might be obstructing the pattern. I've been spending an obscene amount of time on it since January but I feel it will be worth the final product.
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I'm also working on a spring-like pattern I found from Patternworks, a catalogue that I get from my mother's house and never ordered from until now. The cardigan is not yet listed on Ravelry but I'm sure for the $2 price tag and simple, well-written pattern will show up soon. Opposed to using their own cotton yarn I've never heard of, I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic- a proven delicious, dk cotton. I'm an accessories junkie, but also I always look for simplicity and wearability in a pattern. Which may be the reason why I have so little actual garments to show, I rather sew a larger piece then spend the time knitting it. This may explain more then I can fathom at the moment considering my absolute love and respect for knitting.
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In sewing news, I've been messing around with quilting. Quilting with the purpose of actually being useful. I've started a series of potholders. Hold your applause, please. Interestingly enough I've always scorned the use of red, white, and blue as a whole but through a massive Jo-Ann Fabrics sale ended up purchasing fat quarters that blend well with some cotton stash that been laying about. 
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