Friday, May 7, 2010

Gusts up to 35 mph

It's been a chilly and windy day here in Chicago. I'm made a cuppa tea and am putting my feet up looking through fabric websites.

From dianadorable
My feet are very cozy now that I've got the Culchie socks finished, the pattern itself was simple with just a little bit of lace. The bit of sunshine in the picture was from the last glorious week of weather we had. 
Currently the dismal light is preventing me from taking pictures of the other projects I'm working on and have finished. I may be able to sneak in a peek tomorrow morning of the finished security grate as well as a skirt that I'm in the process of completing that features my new favorite color, mustard. Mamma Susie inspired the lovely hue when buying me a very expensive but lovely Easter shoe purchase from Anthropologie. There just isn't enough of that vintage jewel shade in my wardrobe.

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bitethebedbugs said...

Oh this picture makes me think of two giraffes necking. Such adorable feet you have. Really this whole blog is full of the adorable. But these feet made me all soft.