Saturday, May 1, 2010

Painting a Security Blanket

This May 1st I am celebrating the creation of the 8 hour workday (124 years ago) with a new job that I start May 17th. Today I also resigned my lease, giving me with yet another year to improve my little nest.
Mayday Mayday! Sounds like a distress call this crafty dame was ready to answer.
A late Spring clean has led to an adventure in painting. Being an urbanite includes taking off the interior security window bars to get to Windexy swipy part of the deep sparkle. One of the perks of my apartment is my charming back door, it's one decade away from derelict but for now the crackling pale blue is fantastic. Once I took the bars off I was blown away by all the light flooding into my tiny kitchen.
From dianadorable
These evil black bars are draining the life out of my tiny colorful foodspace and need to go- without sacrificing my safety. Clever urbanite.

After a sponging down and trip to Ace, I applied the first coat of Spring Green. As it dries I've noticed a deepening in its shade to a more minty green, giving it a vintage effect without being distracting. Tomorrow morning I'll do the flipside then by nightfall the new and improved security blanket will be in place. If any burglars are reading this blog, I have a pair of Fiskars scissors and pointy needles on my bedside table, come and get it.
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From dianadorable
Piercecat spent the late afternoon watching the progress of my pinwheel quilt blocks that I intend to make into throw pillows. 

From dianadorable 
I've seven more to assemble, then to make these 16 inchers a thing of beauty I will be adding embroidery and button embellishment. That's his pout look with the crossed paws for spending so much time on the floor in the dining area with smelly oil pant.

Then to add to my sewing momentum, I received my order from and, boyo, is it the good stuff.
From dianadorable
For the moment I'm going to abstain from posting pictures of each lovely bit and will let them come out of their box as I use them. Many thanks to Joel Dewberry, Patty Young, and Heather Ross for their inspirational collections of gorgeous fabrics.
To whatever you are celebrating this day, cheers!

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