Monday, June 28, 2010

Shout Out From S. Korea

In the latter part of my college years I met my friend Timothy. We were maybe in two classes together before I interjected myself into his life and made him stop dying his hair black. (Seriously, Timmo) For the last couple years he has been fartin' around in South Korea, teaching English to kids and; for the most part, staying out of trouble.
Last summer I had the chance to spend time with him when he finished his first tour, then Tim hid in a hole in Milwaukee till he abruptly left again. Despite all this, we've managed more email contact then ever and my bestie even sent me a package that I received yesterday.
I believe it speaks for itself, but was prefaced by this in an email: "I've been talking about it for two years but on Saturday I finally did send you something in the mail. Nothing spectacular, but assuredly things."

From dianadorable
 I adore you more than anyone, Timmo. Every bit is pure gold. You have brightened up my blogosphere.
Just in case you were curious about my favorite call girls...

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