Thursday, November 18, 2010

May-December Romance

Luckily my gran doesn't have the desire to figure out computers, let alone blogs, so I can post this.
Although I know for a fact she'd laugh about this entry.
Looking through my photos, that I have neglected to post, I noticed a fantastic themed montage to share.

Shirles & I, I adore her and she looks distracted.

Maybe by my boyfriend, whom she's been dying to hug since the moment they met. He quite likes her despite the grimace.

Or, only a stones throw away, the irish step dancer. The smile in this photo is that of genuine happiness.

My cherished photo of us pales in comparison to the joy of snuggling with this boy Riverdance. Don't get me wrong, I adore the found slideshow. I can only hope at her age I will still be pinching the butts of younger men. Figuratively I believe. I wasn't watching her all that closely but I wouldn't put it past her. Love you Shirles.

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